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With a legacy spanning 25 years in the realm of public affairs, Dalaw brings a seasoned perspective to lobbying within the European Union. Our quarter-century of experience is not merely a measure of time but an accumulation of deep insights, influential networks, and successful advocacy campaigns in the digital and tech sectors. 

Our long-standing involvement in EU policymaking has allowed us to witness and contribute to the evolution of digital regulations. This extensive background affords us the foresight to anticipate policy shifts and the acumen to navigate the complex legislative environment effectively. 

Dalaw's seasoned lobbyists are well-versed in the art of diplomacy and negotiation, leveraging relationships built over decades to advocate for policies that enable innovation and equitable competition. We have a proven track record of representing a wide array of interests, from emerging tech startups to established industry leaders, all seeking to influence the digital and technological landscape at a European level. 

This 25-year journey has not only seen the establishment of the Digital Single Market but also the introduction and implementation of critical regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Digital Services Act, and the European AI Act. Dalaw has been at the forefront, offering informed guidance and robust representation to ensure that the legislative environment is shaped in a way that considers the practical realities of the tech industry. 

Our longstanding expertise in lobbying reflects our commitment to shaping an innovative future, where policies are crafted with a clear understanding of their impact on the tech sector. With Dalaw, clients gain access to a wealth of experience that transforms complex EU policymaking into strategic opportunities for growth and innovation. 

European Public Affairs 

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