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A seasoned senior legal expert and attorney-at-law in Brussels and Paris, Thibault Verbiest boasts over 30 years of comprehensive experience in shaping the digital landscape through law. His expertise spans across pivotal areas such as internet regulation, artificial intelligence (AI), electronic payments (e-payments), financial technology (fintech), cryptocurrency finance (cryptofinance), digital banking, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), e-commerce, cybersecurity, and personal data protection laws. 

Verbiest has a proven track record of initiating pivotal policy and legislative reforms at the highest levels of government and corporate sectors. His reputation is built on his ability to unravel and simplify complex legal issues, providing clarity and actionable insights with his in-depth subject matter expertise. Combined with a long-term strategic vision, he has been a catalyst for change, pushing the boundaries of traditional legal frameworks to adapt to the rapid advancements in technology. 

His approach is one of engagement and education, breaking down intricate legal concepts into understandable terms for stakeholders at all levels. This skill has not only made him a trusted advisor but also a prominent figure in legislative circles, where his recommendations carry significant weight. 

Verbiest's career is marked by a series of significant achievements where he has used his extensive knowledge to guide policy direction, ensuring that legal frameworks keep pace with the dynamic nature of technology. His leadership has been instrumental in creating environments conducive to innovation and growth, particularly in the fields of fintech and cryptofinance, where traditional laws often lag behind the technological curve. 

He is also recognized for his contributions to public discourse on these subjects, often called upon to demystify the complexities of digital economy regulations. As a speaker at national and international conferences and a resource person in various media, his insights help shape the conversation around the intersection of technology and law. 

His work continues to impact the legal aspects of the digital economy, ensuring that the digital transformation of society is underpinned by robust, fair, and forward-looking legal principles. 


Professional Highlights 

  • Expert Member at the World Bank, GIZ and EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. 

  • Expert Witness at the Belgian Federal Parliament and French National Assembly hearings on Information Society Law and digital asset regulations. 

  • Chairman of the Internet Rights Observatory, advising the Belgian government and EU Commission on internet regulations. 

  • Co-Author of "Bitcoin and Blockchain," awarded the Turgot Prize for the best Financial Economics book. 

  • Resource Speaker at national and international conferences, online, print, and TV interviews. 


Key Achievements 

  • Pioneered the creation of an EU network for internet co-regulation as President of the Internet Rights Observatory. 

  • Negotiated on Belgium's behalf during the Geneva Treaty at the World Summit on the Information Society. 

  • Instrumental in the enactment of legislation and public policies across the EU and Africa on e-money, blockchain, consumer protection online, and start-up and e-government initiatives. 

  • Developed the Fintech, Digital Banking, and Cryptofinance practices of global law firms. 

  • Co-founded fintech and blockchain ventures 


Education and Training 


Adjunct Professor 
SKEMA Business School 
Specializing in Digital Finance & Fintech for the executive master's program. Awarded for innovative training in finance and insurance. 


Executive Master "Data Protection Officer" 
Solvay Business School 


Master in Economic Law 
Université Libre de Bruxelles


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