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Shaping Public Policies and Regulations in Emerging Economies 

Building upon the foundational work that Dalaw has undertaken with countries such as Tunisia and Djibouti, the firm is an instrumental force in shaping the digital landscape of emerging economies. The drafting of the Digital Code of Tunisia (2019) and the StartUp Act in Djibouti (2023-2024) are hallmark examples of how Dalaw provides strategic guidance to governments in developing a digital infrastructure that is conducive to growth. 

Dalaw's expertise lies in advising on the intricacies of public policy and regulation to cultivate a digital environment ripe for innovation. This involves creating legal frameworks that not only encourage creativity and technological advancement but also ensure that the competition within the digital marketplace is fair and balanced. By promoting such equitable competition, Dalaw helps to attract investments into the tech sector, thereby fueling economic development and digital transformation. 


The overarching aim of Dalaw's engagement with these nations is to empower them to carve out a significant presence in the international digital economy. The legislative support that Dalaw offers is tailored to be progressive and dynamic, enabling these countries to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world while laying down a solid foundation for future tech-driven initiatives. 


Such comprehensive legal advisory services are crucial for these countries as they navigate the complex terrain of digital evolution. The foresight to establish laws that will stand the test of time and technological progress underscores Dalaw's commitment to the long-term success of its partner nations in becoming competitive players on the global stage. 

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