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Welcome to Dalaw - Legal Architects of Tomorrow 


Your Vanguard for Advanced Technology Law 

Dalaw, with its strategic bases in Brussels and Paris, is at the heart of European legal and technological development. As a vanguard in legal expertise, Dalaw specializes in navigating the complex waters of advanced technologies. Our acumen extends to deep tech, Fintech, digital assets, artificial intelligence (AI), and the emerging field of quantum technology. 

Clients who choose Dalaw are opting for a partner with a proven track record of legal innovation. 

About us

Dalaw Network : Global Vision with Local Expertise 

The Dalaw Network, already a formidable alliance with the esteemed partnership of Lawside in Zurich, is on a strategic trajectory to broaden its global footprint . In the near future, we anticipate welcoming additional top-tier law firms into our fold. These firms will be selected for their exemplary expertise, commitment to innovation, and their authoritative presence in their respective local markets. 

Multidisciplinary Approach for a Digital World 

The collaboration between Dalaw and DAVG propels our offerings into a new echelon of integrated services. This alliance is the epitome of a multidisciplinary approach, where the spheres of law, technology, and business strategy coalesce to create a comprehensive service landscape. 

Strategic Legal Counsel for the Digital Frontier

At Dalaw, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive suite of services that ensure our clients' ventures go beyond legal compliance to achieve market excellence. Our proficiency extends across a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and their associated legal landscapes. 

European Public Affairs 

With a legacy spanning 25 years in the realm of public affairs, Dalaw brings a seasoned perspective to lobbying within the European Union. Our quarter-century of experience is not merely a measure of time but an accumulation of deep insights, influential networks, and successful advocacy campaigns in the digital and tech sectors.

Shaping Public Policies and Regulations in Emerging Economies 


Building upon the foundational work that Dalaw has undertaken with countries such as Tunisia and Djibouti, the firm is an instrumental force in shaping the digital landscape of emerging economies. The drafting of the Digital Code of Tunisia (2019) and the StartUp Act in Djibouti (2023-2024) are hallmark examples of how Dalaw provides strategic guidance to governments in developing a digital infrastructure that is conducive to growth. 

Empowering Infrastructure Growth

Our collaboration with DAVG embodies the firm's dedication to shaping resilient and innovative infrastructures. Leveraging the collective expertise of its members, DAVG operates at the intersection of foresight and practicality, aligning visionary planning with the intricate realities of digital ecosystems. This balance is critical as it ensures not only the conceptualization but also the practical realization of cutting-edge technologies. 


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